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Abstinence Education Programs

Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc. (COGI) has been selected as a service provider through a Title V State Abstinence Education Grant to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and administered by Temple University Harrisburg. While all the subcontracts of the grant have been trained and are utilizing an evidenced based curriculum, COGI's approach to Abstinence Education is specifically tailored to a rural setting. Our project has three components:

1. PHAT! evidenced-based Abstinence curriculum (Promoting Health
Among Teens)

PHAT! is an 8 module (average) school-based curriculum that can be tailored to meet the individual scheduling needs. In the curriculum, students learn about puberty, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as HIV, and pregnancy prevention (

2. Social Work Intervention

Our project places a licensed social worker on-site to provide support and counseling services (groups, individual sessions or both) to at-risk youth receiving the PHAT! curriculum

3. Service Learning

Based on the belief that youth who are engaged and feel like an important member of a community are more likely to make healthy decisions, our program includes a partnership with a county-wide nonprofit to provide active volunteer opportunities for youth. This year COGI has partnered with the American Red Cross to establish Red Cross clubs at participating schools. The ARC clubs will help to promote self-esteem, develop leadership skills and learn life-saving techniques, increase problem
solving abilities and communication skills, and the allowance to gain new and exciting experiences.