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February Brings Inspiration to COGI

valentine tree February Brings Inspiration to COGICOGI Clients are helping to bring inspiration and brightness to the office while celebrating Valentine's Day. Clients have been using hearts to offer words of inspiration and encouragement for themselves and each other. Visit our Facebook page for more photos and close ups of the inspirational messages!

Schuylkill County Prison Re-Entry Program

Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc. uses the APIC Model of Re-Entry (Assess, Plan, Identify, & Coordinate), a best practices model that philosophically believes in shared responsibility in supporting the transition of the offender. Invested stakeholders include, but are not limited to the offender, the offender’s family, identified support and any systems staff.

Our target population are individuals who will be incarcerated for a period of thirty days of longer, those being detained on a county probation/parole violation, those individuals with a reported history of behavioral health instability and/or are facing incarceration within the county prison system.
Points of contact include but are not limited to custody/prison personnel, those involved within the court system, concerned family members, etc.

The goals of the program are:
- Increase access to treatment services for the targeted population
- Improve family functioning
- Reduce the likelihood of recidivism