Abuse Intervention Services (AIS)


Abuse Intervention Services is a program of Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc. We provide assessment, referral, educational services, and group counseling for people who use violent and/or controlling behaviors in their personal relationships.

Through a coordinated response to violence, our commitment is to create a system of accountability that will precipitate change. Our work is done in coordination with Victim Centers, the Adult Probation Offices, District Magistrates Offices, and the District Attorney’s Offices of Counties within Central Pennsylvania.

AIS staff members hold professional degrees in clinical counseling. AIS services are based upon the “Creating A Process of Change…” Curriculum, developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) of Duluth, Minnesota and successfully implemented in communities throughout the nation.


Although our services are provided to persons who use emotional and verbal abuse, as well as, physical violence to obtain power and control over their intimate partners, our goal is to increase the level of safety for the victims of such persons.


Individuals can be referred to this program through community systems such as: courts, Adult Probation, or members of the human service field. Self-referrals are also accepted. To make a confidential referral, please contact us by calling (570) 628-6990 or 1-800-264-1290.


Once a referral has been made, an assessment is the next step. This process is designed to identify individuals who can benefit from the program and gather a personal history from referred individuals.


Individuals admitted into the program will be added to one of our educational group sessions. Our educational group sessions are comprised of 26 two-hour sessions. Trained facilitators will lead sessions on a weekly basis using the “Creating a Process of Change…” curriculum to help participants become more accountable for their actions and to develop skills that lead to non-controlling and non-abusive behaviors.


AIS Case Management Services help participants identify and address a wide variety of needs through coordinated referrals to health and human service programs.



AIS  is not covered or funded by any commercial or public insurances. Instead, program services are paid for out-of-pocket.


Group Session—$20.00

Individual Session —$50.00

COGI accepts payments in the form of cash, credit, and debit cards.



Successful program completion requires that participants adhere to all conditions placed upon him by the legal system and AIS staff. Failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in termination of program services and re-sentencing by the court.

AIS is not a “magic cure”, the success of this program lies in each individual participant and his desire to change. Therefore, AIS should be viewed as one step along a victims journey to safety; not the end of the road.