LifeSkills Training (LST)

The Botvin’s Life Skills Training program is a school-based curriculum that is being implemented in Tamaqua Middle School. This program is designed to provide middle school youth with skills to manage difficult situations that may arise.  There are a variety of topics that are covered within the curriculum, such as resisting peer pressure, managing anger and anxiety, communication skills, social skills, assertiveness, myths and realities of substances/substance use, and the role that the media and advertising plays in the development of people’s beliefs, among others.  There are three different levels of LST within the curriculum.  At Tamaqua Area Middle School, LST is considered a “special” and therefore, each student receives 30 days of LST during the school year. Sixth graders at TAMS receive Level 1 of LST, seventh graders receive Level 2, and eighth graders receive Level 3. Therefore, throughout the course of one entire school year, each student in the school will receive LST, whatever their level may be.

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Student Posters Created in LST Class during the 2022-2023 School Year