Anger Control Education

Anger is a common response to many different situations. It is safe to say that everyone experiences anger in their lives. Anger becomes a problem when it becomes too frequent, too intense, and is dealt with in a way that is maladaptive to the situation at hand. Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. has been taking numerous calls addressing a need in the area for anger management classes. We understand the need for such a program and are now proud to offer such a group. Our anger management program, known as Anger Control Education (ACE), is a 12-week program that utilizes a curriculum developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This curriculum is data driven and is designed to teach participants new ways to deal with their anger.

Our program is comprised of 12 weekly, 90-minute group sessions in which cognitive behavioral therapy is used to change behavior delivered by a facilitator holding multiple advanced degrees within the behavioral health field. Clients are exposed to relaxation interventions, cognitive interventions, and communication skill interventions. Each intervention provides skills necessary to cope with anger in a healthier manner.

The overall goal of the program is not stop one from getting angry, but rather to allow the individuals to develop the skills necessary to properly cope with anger when it arises. We do strive for a reduction in the frequency and severity of angry feelings on a daily basis. If a client has the opportunity to face a smaller, less intense anger event, they are more likely to avoid the larger, more explosive event. Teaching a client how to recognize anger in the early stages is one of the many steps to correcting an anger problem. Throughout the participant’s 12-week program, they will learn how to identify and cope