You are taking the first step in your Recovery Journey by seeking treatment.

COGI is here to assist you in anyway possible because we believe we work everyday with the motto of “Making the Impossible, Possible”.

If you are not sure where to start an assessment can be done by an outpatient provider to determine the appropriate level of care.   If an individual needs more than outpatient to start, the provider conducting the assessment can assist you in finding an appropriate facility.

If you do not have insurance,, please do not let this be a barrier to treatment.   Many providers are funded by a Single County Authority who can fund treatment until insurance is obtained.

Resources for Adolescent Treatment are attached below……

Adolescent Treatment Options OP & IOP                                        Adolescent Short Term Rehab Options                                                Adolescent Long Term Rehab Options

Resources for Adult Treatment are attached below……

Outpatient Providers

Halfway Houses Female                                                                    Halfway Houses Male

Resources for Medication Assisted Treatment are attached below……

Medication Assisted Treatment                                                        Methadone Maintenance